Awards process

Changes to HSL Awards Process: February 2016

Due to the large volume of Award applications, the HSL Team will no longer be reviewing Silver and Gold applications from 1 April 2016. This will now be done solely by local Healthy Schools teams in Boroughs. Implications of these changes for schools are listed below:

Changes for schools

  • All schools will be able to achieve a Bronze Award with support from their Borough Lead or the HSL Team
  • Schools may only apply for Silver and Gold Awards where a Borough Lead exists to support and approve applications
  • Schools will continue to receive logos, certificates, recognition on HSL website and at annual celebration event
  • Schools will continue to be able to access the website resources and apply for Awards online

HSL Bronze Award: Reviewed by local Borough Healthy Schools Lead (if exists) and processed by HSL Team.  If no Borough Lead, applications will be reviewed by HSL Team.

HSL Silver and Gold Awards: Reviewed by local Healthy Schools Borough Lead (if exists). Where there is no Borough Lead to support and review applications,  schools are only eligible to apply for a Silver or Gold Award if they are using a local Healthy Schools Lead from another Borough to support and verify.

Boroughs with a local Healthy Schools Programme

Applications from schools in Boroughs where there is a local Healthy Schools Programme will be reviewed by the Borough Lead. The timescales may vary depending on each Borough. The HSL team will send out Award certificates and logos every month. Schools can log in any time to view whether they have achieved an Award.  

Boroughs without a Healthy Schools Programme

The aim of Healthy Schools London is to enable all London schools to become a 'healthy school' as evidenced by achieving the HSL Bronze Award.  All schools are elibigle to apply for a Bronze Award. Where a Borough Lead does not exist, the HSL Team will review applications and provide feedback to schools. Schools are however not able to apply for a Silver or Gold Award unless they can request support and approval from a Borough Lead in another Borough.  

New Awards Process from 1 April 2016

HSL Bronze Award: Approved by Borough Lead (if exists) approved by HSL Team (if no Borough Lead)

HSL Silver Award: Borough Lead reviews applications. HSL team send out certificates and logos

HSL Gold Award: Borough Lead reviews applications. HSL team send out certificates and logos