What About YOUth? survey

What About YOUth? survey – your help to encourage young people to take part
The What About YOUth? survey is an important piece of research collecting information on young people’s health and lifestyles including their health, diet, bullying, smoking, taking drugs and drinking alcohol. The survey has been sent to around 300,000 fifteen year olds across England who were randomly selected to take part.


The survey aims to collect enough responses so that the results can be analysed at a local authority level. As such it is important to achieve a good response from the selected young people in each local authority area. We have been sending reminder mailings to those who have not responded, however we are also looking for alternative ways to try and encourage young people who have been invited to take part to complete the survey; this is where we are looking for your help to promote the survey in secondary schools through any of the following:


  • Downloading the teacher resource pack created for the survey (which is available to download on the website: http://www.whataboutyouth.com/teacher-pack.aspx). These can be used in PSHE lessons to get young people talking about the important issues covered by What About YOUth?, but also help provide information about the survey and encourage selected young people to take part;
  • Add information about the survey to any emails, newsletters or bulletins that are sent to young people (aged 15 or 16) to advertise the survey and explain why it is important that those selected respond;
  • Potentially add information about the survey and why it is important that those selected respond on a relevant part of your website.


If you would be happy to help us, or want some further information on the survey, then please contact the Ipsos MORI team at: whataboutyouth@ipsos.com or visit the survey website: www.whataboutyouth.com.